Bibtex is a company that not only offers fabrics and upholstery, but is just what you need. The reasons why you should choose us are many and we can mention:

  • New designs
  • Complete laboratory tests based on european standards
  • High performance and quality
  • Professional and dedicated service
  • The highest european technology at all stages of production
  • The variety of fabrics fits all customer tastes.


Yarn manufacturing

The factory produces yarns of various sizes & types like: acrylic, silk, cotton and polyester using modern machines and controls for a quality according to European standards.

Yarn dyeing

To get excellent results in yarn dyeing, the company “Bibtex” uses the most prestigious Swiss companies for dyeing and the highest Italian technology.


It is the first and most important procedure in the knitting process. The “Bibtex” company uses the best Spanish machines to increase the quality of this process.

Fabric dyeing

“Bibtex” offers all kinds of fabrics such as plain and jacquard fabrics, giving them unique effects and fantastic design.

Finishing & coating

Represents the last stage of production. “Bibtex” has Biankalani machines that give to clothes the touch that every customer wants to feel.


“Bibtex” uses the highest Italian technology to pack the products in such a way that they are protected from damage.